COVID-19 and Vaccine Survey Project

Vaccine Hesitancy Among Adults with Disabilities

Little information has been collected on the reasons why adults with disabilities have taken, will take, are not sure about taking, or will not take the COVID-19 vaccine. To fill this void, AAHD conducted a rapid, real-time online study of the perspectives of adults with disabilities on the COVID-19 Vaccine. The self-report survey included demographic questions (disability identifiers, gender, ethnicity, race, and geographic area). Respondents that said that there were not going to be vaccinated (No Vaccine) or were not sure (Not Sure) received a set of Disability-Related and General Vaccine Hesitancy, Accessibility, and Availability questions. Respondents that said that they were planning on being vaccinated or already had been or were in process received two open-ended questions on whether they experienced any underlying concerns about the vaccine and their motivation for being vaccinated. The survey was open from March 12th, 2021, to April 5th, 2021. The final sample includes results from 4,131 adults with disabilities. Reports and summaries will be released as they are completed.

Vaccine Willingness Among Adults with Disabilities (n=4,131)


AAHD Research Products

  • COVID-19 Vaccine & Disability Survey: Vaccine Hesitancy Among Adults with Disabilities Research Report [PDF]
    This report describes comparisons between adults with disabilities who will not be vaccinated and adults with disabilities who are not sure about being vaccinated based on their top five responses to questions about Disability-Related Vaccine Hesitancy, General Vaccine Hesitancy, Distrust, Accessibility of Vaccine sites, and Vaccine Availability.
  • Vaccine Hesitancy Summary of Findings [PDF]
    This two-page summary presents a brief overview of the top three reasons for vaccine hesitancy.
  • Understanding Why Persons with Disabilities Received the COVID-19 Vaccination [PDF]


For More Information Contact: Charles E. Drum, MPA, JD, PhD at or (301) 545-6140, Extension 5.