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Patient-Reported Outcome Performance Measures (PRO-PMs) – Disability Comments to NQF

AAHD and the Lakeshore Foundation have endorsed Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) comments submitted to the National Quality Forum (NQF) on their draft PRO-PMs report for public comment. We also encouraged NQF to more effectively utilize their previous reports on person-centeredness and home-and-community-based services (HCBS). Deadline for submission to NQF is June 21. Available […]

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Advocating Behavioral Health Workers Set-Aside in the COVID-19 American Rescue Plan Act Public Health Workforce Funding

Nineteen (19) members of the U.S. House have written HHS advocating that there be a behavioral health worker set-aside in the American Rescue Plan Act public health workforce funding. Several BH national organizations have advocated this. Public Health association response is not known by AAHD. The May 21 19 House members letter is here: PDF. […]

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