AAHD Liaisons

As part of AAHD’s outreach efforts to improve the overall health of children and adults with disabilities, reduce health disparities and work to integrate disability into the overall public health agenda, in 2012 AAHD established AAHD State and Regional Liaisons in order to more strategically broaden AAHD’s reach and disseminate quality information throughout the nation.

The purpose of the AAHD State and Regional Liaison initiative is to expand the distribution of public health and disability information provided by the American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) and to work toward improving public health practice at the state and community level.   AAHD State and Regional Liaisons are volunteers and form the basis of the AAHD State and Regional Liaison network.  AAHD developed this initiative to correspond with identified Department of Health and Human Service Regions, however, due to overwhelming interest in the initiative, AAHD has decided to identify additional state liaisons to participate in this initiative.

The primary responsibilities of an AAHD Liaison include:

  • Disseminate knowledge of AAHD activities and initiatives to the state/community level via coalition/partner meetings, emails/list serves, social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), conferences, etc.  AAHD will provide materials and resources to Regional Liaisons for distribution.
  • Communicate and disseminate general information on important programmatic, research and policy issues, when appropriate, which may impact the health of people with disabilities to state/community partners.  AAHD to provide materials to State/regional Liaisons for information sharing and state/regional dissemination.  State and Regional Liaisons will also have the opportunity to provide materials to AAHD for information sharing and national dissemination via AAHD multi-faceted information dissemination networks and strategies.
  • Opportunity to partner with AAHD on special funded projects, if appropriate and interested.
  • Inform AAHD leadership of emerging community issues related to health and disability
  • Encourage membership in AAHD.

If you are interested in learning more about the AAHD State/Regional Liaison Program, please contact Roberta Carlin at rcarlin@aahd.us