Affordable Care Act Outreach

OE10 Begins!

Open Enrollment Year 10 (OE10) started November 1 and runs through January 15, 2023. Throughout OE10, we are posting in the blog on our NDNRC website about health insurance enrollment for people with disabilities and related topics, including Disability Week of Action which was from November 6-12. The links for OE10 blog posts and news items on our NDNRC website are as follows:

In the past, we have also posted blogs on What ACA Coverage Means for People with Disabilities and last spring we did a series of Facebook and YouTube live interviews which highlighted the benefits of the ACA in a series called “Getting the Most Out of Your Health Insurance“.

AAHD Continues Collaboration with Community Catalyst Outreach Project

AAHD is excited to announce that we are continuing to join Community Catalyst and other partners in this year’s outreach project for Open Enrollment Year 10 (OE10) to educate individuals about enrolling for health insurance for 2023. Community Catalyst, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is serving as the national coordinating organization for an effort to spread awareness about the open enrollment period, from November 1st to January 15, 2023. We will also spread awareness about health insurance literacy and special enrollment periods. Through this project, Community Catalyst will:

  • Create plain-language consumer-facing materials advertising the upcoming open enrollment period and special enrollment period. Materials will emphasize key messages around financial assistance, in-person help and the shortened open enrollment period. Materials will also include information consumers will need to enroll, benefits of health coverage and enrollment considerations for populations like immigrants.
  • Partner with national organizations to disseminate the materials and raise awareness.
  • Target key populations who may be eligible for marketplace coverage including people with disabilities, young adults, immigrant communities, persons of color and persons who identify as LGBTQ.

Images (like the one below) and materials to assist with open enrollment can be found in this online drive.

AAHD Continues to Support Project with CBPP

The American Association on Health and Disability (the lead partner for the NDNRC) is happy to announce that we are again partnering with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The CBPP project supports individuals and groups that provide enrollment assistance. Through this project, CBPP and its partners will:

  • Provide resources and trainings on Marketplace and Medicaid policies and application processes, including how to maximize efforts during OE10;
  • Monitor Marketplace processes and other external events that affect enrollment to ensure that enrollment assistance groups can rapidly respond to changes; and
  • Answer policy and application process questions.

The national and local partners in the project will allow CBPP to expand the training and other resources it provides through the Beyond the Basics webinars and provide in-depth information about specific topics such as state-specific Marketplace plan selection, eligibility and enrollment processes for people with disabilities and how to support families that include immigrants navigate concerns when enrolling. For the 2022-2023 CBPP project year, AAHD will also be releasing two new NDNRC fact sheets. The topics and links for those as they become available are as follows:

  • Renewals and Redeterminations (released November 2022)
  • The End of the Public Health Emergency and What It Means for People with Disabilities (coming early 2023)

The CBPP project also includes the Health Reform: Beyond the Basics webinar series. For a full list of webinar topics covered by the webinar series, check out the news item on our NDNRC website.