Become an All of Us Researcher

The All of Us Research Program offers a rich longitudinal dataset that can be used to study health and wellbeing across the disability community. Disability research is a key part of the All of Us Research Program, which has adopted the American Community Survey disability identifiers.

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The Research Hub includes:

  • An interactive Data Browser that provides an overview of data shared by participants, including electronic health records, physical measurements, genomic data from biosamples, and survey responses.
  • A Survey Explorer with information about All of Us surveys, which include questions about health care access, COVID-19 experiences, demographics, and more. Demographic information collected in the surveys includes disability identifiers, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more.
  • Information about the Researcher Workbench, the cloud-based platform where registered researchers can access individual-level data from All of Us participants.
  • Current research publications that use All of Us data.
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What other researchers are saying about All of Us:

AAHD is developing a cohort of disability researchers to make use of this growing dataset. Please reach out to Jacob Ditsch at for more information on how to become involved.