Preventing Blood Clots

More Information for Direct Caregivers

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Welcome to our Blood Clot Awareness project!

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing new materials that introduce caregivers to the risks, signs, and symptoms of blood clots for adults with mobility disabilities. The material will include additional tips for caregivers to help support blood clot prevention. Stay tuned each week for a new update.

Infographic that teaches caregivers about blood clot prevention for people with mobility disabilities.
Screenshot of Infographic showing symptoms of Blood Clots in the lung.
Screenshot of the document "Blood Clots - An informational newsletter for caregivers and support professionals"
Screenshot of a flyer on Risk Factors for Blood Clots.
Symptoms of Blood Clots infographic.
Screenshot of the Flyer "Do You Help Someone who has trouble walking or climbing stairs?"

Coming Next Week:

More tips for caregivers on how to support healthy choices and prevent blood clots.