Colorado: Health & Disability Programs

Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Aging and Adult Services (AAS)
AAS provides human services to adults age 18 and over who have disabilities or functional impairments or are otherwise at risk through programs  administered through the County Departments of Social (Human) Services or through regional Area Agencies on Aging.  Under AAS is the State Unit on Aging, which oversees the regional Area Agencies on Aging (AAA), which provide services and community education programs for seniors ages 60 and older including Nutrition Services, Transportation Services, Information and Referral, National Family Caregiver Support, Elder Abuse Prevention, Legal Assistance, In-home Services Program for Frail Elderly, Disease Prevention & Health Promotion, Long Term Care Ombudsman, Community Based Services, and Senior Community Services Employment.  Included on the AAS website are archived issues of the division’s Healthy Lifestyles Newsletters, which provide health information on health topics of interest to seniors.
1575 Sherman Street, 10th Floor
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 866-2800
1-888-866-4243 (within Colorado only)
Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADAD)  
The goals of the programs of ADAD are to develop, support and advocate for comprehensive services to reduce alcohol and other drug abuse, promote healthy individuals, families and communities, and reduce abuse-associated illnesses and deaths.
3824 West Princeton Circle
Denver, CO 80236
(303) 866-7400
Colorado Department of Human Services, Division for Developmental Disabilities (DDD)    
(DDD) provides services for children with developmental disabilities (birth through age 17) and for adults with developmental disabilities (age 18 and older).  Comprehensive Services for Adults include 24-hour residential care, employment and other day services and transportation.  Supported Living Services for Adults provide a variety of services, such as personal care (like eating, bathing and dressing) or homemaking needs, employment or other day services, accessing one’s community, help with decision-making, assistive technology, home modification, professional therapies, transportation, and twenty-four emergency assistance.  Children and Family Programs include Children’s Extensive Support, Early Intervention, and Family Support.
4055 South Lowell Boulevard
Denver, CO 80236
(303) 866-7450
Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health/Division of Behavioral Health
The Division of Mental Health administers several special programs and initiatives for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults with mental health needs including Project Bloom, Kid Connects, Early Childhood Mental Health Specialists, Child Mental Health Treatment Act, Community-Based Management Pilot Programs, Detention Mental Health Demonstration Projects, Assertive Community Treatment, Alternatives to Inpatient Hospitalization for Adults, Pre-Admission Screen and Resident Review, Disaster Mental Health Crisis Counseling, and Providing Alternatives to Homelessness.
3824 West Princeton Circle
Denver, CO 80236
(303) 866-7400
Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)    
DVR serves people with all types of physical and mental disabilities; examples of services include evaluation and diagnostic services to determine eligibility and the services needed for the person to become employed; vocational rehabilitation counseling and guidance provided by a vocational rehabilitation counselor during the plan of services; physical and mental restoration services, which are sometimes provided to correct or modify a person’s physical or mental condition; training services in order to help become employed, including vocational training, academic training, personal and vocational adjustment training, job coaching, on-the-job training, job-seeking skills training, and training materials; specialized services for people who are blind, deaf, and deaf-blind, including interpreter services, note-taking services, and reader services; rehabilitation technology services, including assistive technology devices and services, and rehabilitation engineering services to address barriers encountered by an individual when attaining or retaining employment; placement services provided to help a person with a disability find adequate and suitable employment in his or her chosen career; and supportive services, such as maintenance, transportation, personal assistance and services to family members, which may also be provided if needed for the person to use the services identified above.  Post-employment services may be provided to previously rehabilitated people when needed to maintain or regain suitable employment.  DVR also offers a variety of specialty programs designed for individuals with specific needs, such as programs for the Blind and Visually Impaired, youth transition services, Independent Living Program, Pilot Project for the Developmentally Disabled, Homeless Pilot Project, Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program, and Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers Program.
1575 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 866-5700
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Health Care Program for Children with Special Needs (CSHCN)
The Health Care Program of the CSHCN Unit focuses on:
1) care coordination, which includes helping families evaluate their needs, connect with community services, coordinate health care, and answer questions;
2) developing improved systems of care, which includes helping improve systems of care, promote a medical home approach, facilitate easy access to services, promote partnerships, and provide training and consultation, and
3) providing specialty and diagnostic clinics throughout the State of Colorado.
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, HCP-A4
Denver, CO 80246
(303) 692-2370