Minnesota: CDC State Funded Programs

Level 3 Funding from 2005-2007

Lead Agency

Minnesota Department of Health
Injury and Violence Prevention Unit, Center for Health Promotion
P.O Box 64882
St. Paul, MN 55164-0882
Mark Kinde, Principal Investigator
Phone: (651) 281-9832
Evelyn Anderson, Project Coordinator
Phone: (651) 281-9870 Fax: (651) 215-8959

Collaborating Agencies

  1. University of Minnesota Institute for Community Integration, a Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
  2. Minnesota State Council on Disability
  3. Minnesota Governor’s Council on Development Disabilities
  4. Brain Injury Association of Minnesota
  5. Minnesota Spinal Cord Injury Resource Network
  6. Minnesota Children with Special Health Needs
  7. PACER Center
  8. Minnesota Department of Human Services
  9. Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
  10. Minnesota Disability Law Center

Project Goal

The project goal of the grant is to improve the health of Minnesotans with disabilities.

Major Program Activities

  1. Identify, develop, and convene a statewide secondary conditions and health promotion advisory work group.
  2. Compile and analyze state-specific disability data and define the burden of disability in Minnesota (BRFSS, MDH TBI-SCI Registry, and data from other agencies).
  3. Disseminate health promotion information through diverse and innovative marketing techniques: provide technical assistance in health promotion to persons with disabilities, to a variety of professionals, and to communities and organizations. Facilitate access to services for persons with disabilities.
  4. Produce and publish a state strategic plan for health promotion for persons with disabilities.
  5. Specific programs and priorities will be determined in consultation with the Advisory Committee and with other individuals, organizations, and agencies.


The project will review the data currently collected by BRFSS and other instruments related to disability prevalence and the health needs of people with disabilities.

Materials and Publications

As indicated in Activity 4, a plan specific to health promotion of persons with disabilities will be developed. This will be integrated with the newly-published document, Toward an Injury-Free & Violence-Free Minnesota: A Working Plan, 2005-2010.