New York: CDC State Funded Programs

Level 1: Mentoring State with Funding from 2002-2007

Lead Agency

Bureau of Health Risk Reduction
New York State Department of Health
Disability and Health Program
150 Broadway, 3rd West
Riverview Center
Albany, NY 12204
Theresa Paeglow, Program Manager
Phone: (518) 474-2018 Fax: (518) 474-3356
Denise DiNoto, Program Coordinator
Phone: (518) 474-2018 Fax: (518) 474-3356
Larry L. Steele, Ph.D., Epidemiologist
Bureau Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Surveillance
Corning Tower, Room 584
Albany, NY 1227
Phone: (518) 473-0673 Fax: (518) 473-2853

Collaborating Agencies

Internal DOH Collaborations

  • Cancer Services Program
  • Healthy Heart Program
  • Bureau of Women’s Health
  • Bureau of Chronic Disease Services
  • STEPS to a Healthier US Program
  • Arthritis Program
  • Emergency Preparedness Program
  • Bureau of Health Media Marketing and Community Relations

External Collaborations

  • Centers for Independent Living
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society Chapters
  • Arthritis Foundation Chapters
  • Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
  • State Education Department (VESID)
  • Office of the Advocate for Persons with Disabilities
  • Northeast ADA & IT Center
  • Department of Environmental Conservation
  • County Based Healthy Living Partnerships
  • SUNY Albany School of Public Health

Project Goal

To provide health promotion to people with mobility impairments

Major Program Activities

  • Videoconference for medical professionals: Women First: Dialogues on Health Care Access and Delivery for Women with Disabilities
  • Peer training program Living Well with a Disability in six to eight community agencies
  • Regional trainings with fitness facilities to adapt fitness programming for people with disabilities
  • Partnership with Cancer Services program to increase access to cervical cancer screening and mammography for women with disabilities
  • Publication and dissemination of pamphlets on disability and health issues
  • Annual Disability Awareness Month
  • Incorporation of the needs of people with disabilities in other public health programs and interventions
  • Spinal Cord Injury Peer Information Network Listserv
  • Videotape on disability sensitivity and awareness for health care professionals
  • Will place of 21 accessible examination tables in Healthy Women Partnerships, coupled with provider education and consumer outreach
  • Will implement Living Well with a Disability
  • Will develop a web-based interactive guide to recreation and fitness —
  • Will provide training opportunities related to disability issues for NYSDOH community contractors
  • Will continue disability and health topics in DOH communication channels, RFPs, and contractor work scopes
  • Will conduct second statewide disability and health conference (spring 2006)
  • Will target and facilitate the inclusion of person with disabilities in other DOH public health interventions.
  • Will provide disability-related information in quarterly media packets sent to local Departments of Health for distribution to local media
  • Will provide technical assistance to Level II and III states as requested

Evaluation and Research

  • Evaluation of Living Well with a Disability in New York State using a data collection instrument developed by the University of Montana.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of implementation of Capital District YMCA “Ready-Fit Program” among persons with disabilities. “Ready-Fit” is 12-week individualized fitness program geared toward improving cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility.
  • Evaluation of pilot project to promote access to cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment services for women with mobility impairments. Project was collaboration between Disability and Health Program and NYSDOH Cancer Services Program (CSP) to place adaptive examination tables with eligible providers in the CSP’s Healthy Women Partnerships.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of Disability Awareness Month activities to increase awareness of disability among general public in New York State Capital District. Evaluation project was collaboration between Disability and Health Program and SUNYASchool of Public Health (student field project).
  • Survey is used to evaluate quarterly media packets and items in Disability Awareness packets.
  • Surveys are used with other appropriate programs, pragmatic methods, such as counting number of women served by new examination tables, or numbers of information packets distributed.



  • Estimation of prevalence of disability and health risk factors among adult New Yorkers using BRFSS data.
  • Generation of county-level disability prevalence estimates through analysis of ExpandedBRFSS survey data; validation of county-level estimates from statewide BRFSS.
  • Analysis of linked Medicaid/Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims data file to explore costs associated with treatment of Medicaid-eligible adults and children with disabilities.
  • Analysis of data from New York State Adult Tobacco Survey to explore tobacco-related issues among persons with disabilities.
  • Surveillance and epidemiological support for the implementation of the New York State Arthritis Action Plan.


  • Production of series of BRFSS Summary Reports on health-related quality of life (HRQOL) among persons with disability and another chronic health condition:
  • * disability/cardiovascular disease and HRQOL
  • * disability/diabetes and HRQOL
  • * disability/asthma and HRQOL
  • * disability/arthritis and HRQOL
  • Exploration of Emergency Department data for potential in surveillance of trauma-related disability.

Materials and Publications

See website for many of the materials listed below:


Fit for Life Motivational and factual brochure on physical activity
Worksite Wellness Programs and People With Disabilities brochure explains how to implement programs
Adapt the Fun for Everyone! Physical Activity and People with Disabilities
People First: How to Plan Events That Everyone Can Attend
How to Create Effective Health Messages for People with Disabilities
People First: Communicating with and about People with Disabilities (also available in Spanish)
Important News for Women with Disabilities
Smoking Cessation and People with Disabilities
Parking Access for Persons with Disabilities
Osteoporosis and People with Disabilities Fact Sheet for Patients
Osteoporosis and Patients with Disabilities An Information Sheet for Physicians


New York State Strategic Plan for Health Promotion for Persons with Disabilities
Prevalence of Activity Limitation Among Adults in New York State 1993-1998 Summary Report Fall 2000, Vol. 8, No. 1
Survey of Outpatient Services for Clients with Spinal Cord Injury
Disability in New York State
Chartbook on Disability in New York State, 1998-2000: Results from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System


On Target: Disability and Health in New York State


Self-Study guide for radiologic technologists on conducting accessible mammogram examinations that is approved for continuing education credits through the American Society of Radiologic Technologists
“Women First: Dialogues on Health Care Access and Delivery for Women with Disabilities” videoconference for medical professionals
Media packets materials for do it yourself public health campaign (State provides to local health departments)