Ohio: Health & Disability Programs

Ohio Department of Aging
Featured services include the Golden Buckeye Card Program, which extends savings to eligible Ohioans (age 60 or older, as well as adults age 18-59 who have disabilities as defined by Social Security) and includes the Ohio’s Best Rx prescription drug discount program; the Assisted Living Waiver Program, which provides another option for Ohioans on Medicaid who require long-term care but don’t need around-the-clock services available in an nursing home; a Long-term Care Ombudsman Program which advocates for people receiving home care, assisted living and nursing home care; a Senior Community Service Employment Program, a paid work experience program for low-income adults age 55 and older; Choices Home Care Waiver, a consumer-directed Medicaid waiver program that provides home and community-based services and supports to older Ohioans; Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, a managed care model providing participants with all of their needed medical and health care and ancillary services in acute, sub-acute, institutional and community settings; Passport Program, a Medicaid waiver program that helps Medicaid-eligible older Ohioans get the long-term services and supports needed to stay in their homes; Residential State Supplement, providing a financial supplement to low-income adults with disabilities not needing nursing home care; Senior Community Service Employment Program, a paid job training and work experience program for low-income adults age 55 and older; and Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program, which provides coupons to financially eligible people age 60 or older for produce and other food  from participating farmers’ markets and roadside stands.
50 West Broad Street, 9th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Toll-free (800) 266-4346
Ohio Department of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS)
This department provides education, prevention, and treatment in the areas of substance abuse and other addictions. ODADAS funds: treatment and prevention projects for pathological or problem gamblers, including training for counselors interested in expanding their expertise to include pathological gamblers, and The Problem Gambling Help Line; a system of care to Ohio women in need of alcohol and other drug treatment, intervention and/or prevention services; treatment services designed for pregnant women with dependent children; an intensive services program for offenders being released from the state’s juvenile prison system that includes assessment, case management, substance abuse treatment on demand, drug and alcohol testing, life skills education, and, in some of the pilot sites, mentoring and respite services; and alcohol and other drug treatment services to incarcerated offenders.
280 North High Street, 12th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-3445
Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD)
The DODD provides residential supports and services that allow people with developmental disabilities to live in the most appropriate home environment, keeping the individual and/or family in mind. Residential options also include congregate care in Ohio’s state-run developmental centers and in intermediate care facilities. Services and supports in a community setting are arranged locally by each County Board of DODD.  Services available for adults through local County Boards of DODD include Community/Supported Employment, which are full-time or part-time community-based individual and group employment opportunities; vocational training or assistance in developing skills needed to become employed and stay employed; adult day activities, which are social, leisure and recreational activities that enhance an individual’s quality of life, and are provided in a variety of settings; sheltered employment, or non-integrated employment in a workshop where individuals are paid an hourly wage or per completed piece; and provision of transportation to adult services, as well as training for individuals on the use of transportation resources.
30 East Broad Street, 12th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-0129
Ohio Department of Health’s Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH)
The BCMH consists of diagnostic, treatment, and coordination programs for medically and financially eligible children with special health care needs. Additional bureau programs include the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program, which provides limited treatment services for people (over age 21) with cystic fibrosis who meet financial qualifications; the Adult Hemophilia Insurance Program, which helps with payment of health insurance premiums for qualified individuals over 21 years of age; the genetic services program, which funds a regional network of genetic centers that provides comprehensive care and services to people with or at risk for genetics-related disorders, and education about genetics to health professionals and the public; the Metabolic Formula Program, which provides metabolic formula to individuals with phenylketonuria (PKU), homocystinuria and other metabolic disorders, in order to prevent the development of brain damage; community nutrition services, which offers community dietitians, who work with the family during home visits to provide nutrition assessments and education; Ohio Connections for Children with Special Needs, Ohio’s birth defects information system that includes the reporting of children with birth defects, linking those children to services and programs, and educating the public about preventable birth defects; and the Sickle Cell Services Program, which funds a regional network of sickle cell programs providing education, hemoglobin counseling, and follow up on abnormal newborn screening hemoglobin reports and educates health professionals and the public about sickle cell disease.
246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Toll-free (800) 755-4769
Ohio Department of Health’s Diabetes Prevention and Control Program
This program works toward decreasing diabetes prevalence and diabetes-related complications such as amputations, renal disease, cardiovascular disease, and blindness by promoting enhanced awareness of diabetes and the complications of diabetes; increased diabetes control in the diagnosed; access to quality care for disproportionately affected populations with diabetes; improved care of services for underserved populations with diabetes in Ohio; diabetes education, including the promotion of wellness, physical activity, weight and blood pressure control, and smoking cessation; self-management; partnerships; and community involvement.
246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-2144
Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH)
ODMH provides treatment in state hospitals to people with mental illness, including those involved with the criminal justice system; training, technical assistance, and resource linkages in prevention, mental health promotion, clinical best practices including Assertive Community Treatment  and Intensive Home-Based Treatment, emergency preparedness, and mental health and older adults; and goods and services such as warehouse and pharmacy supplies to ODMH facilities.
30 East Broad Street, 8th floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-2596
Toll-free (for consumers and families) 1-877-275-6364
Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission’s (RSC) Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired and the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
Services may include: counseling and guidance to help the person with disabilities choose an employment goal based on his or her strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, capabilities and interests; personal and work adjustment training to help reach occupational objectives by gaining skills (including social skills), personal habits, and attitudes needed to function effectively on the job; teaching techniques that can compensate for the loss of a function such as mobility or sight; vocational, college, technical or business school, or on-the-job or supported employment training in an industrial or commercial firm; help when supplies such as textbooks or tools are required for vocational training, or licenses and equipment are necessary to begin an occupation; and placement assistance following training that may include resume development and practice interviews to prepare for the job search.
400 East Campus View Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43235
(800) 282-4536, ext. 1438