Puerto Rico: Health & Disability Programs

Puerto Rico Deaf-Blind Parents Association
Thomas Santana
Box 6616
Bayamon, PR 00621
(809) 782-4475
(809) 782-8994
Puerto Rico Department of Education’s Special Education
Services provided include assistive technology services; adapted sports; The Special Education Advisory Committee, which advises the Secretary of Education on issues related to vision services for children and youth with disabilities; the Parent Outreach Office, which guides parents on special education services; and services for children and young adults who are deaf-blind, which identifies students with visual and/or hearing loss and offers trainings, technical assistance, and resources to families and service providers of students with deafblindness.Servicios de Asistencia TecnológicaEl Comité Consultivo de Educación Especial, conocido por sus siglas CCEE, asesora al Secretario de Educación en  asuntos relacionados con la visión de servicios a niños y jóvenes con impedimento.   La composición del Comité asegura la participación ciudadana en dichos asuntos al contar con la representación de diversos sectores interesados en la educación especial.La Oficina de Asistencia a Padres ofrece seguimiento a casos referidos por los padres u otras agencias en la prestación de los servicios.Además, orienta a los padres sobre servicios de Educación Especial y provee orientación sobre Remedio Provisional y el Procedimiento de Querellas.
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Puerto Rico Department of Education’s Vocational Education for Students with Disabilities
Lucy Torres Roig, Acting Assistant Secretary
Technical Education Programs
P.O. Box 190759
Hato Rey, PR 00919
(787) 758-4132
Puerto Rico Department of Health’s Diabetes Control and Prevention Program
The Diabetes Program provides information on diabetes on its website, as well as links to short videos on various aspects regarding diabetes, including emotional aspects, family support, ways to control diabetes,  the importance of weight reduction and physical activity, and smoking cessation.
P.O. Box 70184
San Juan, PR 00936
(787) 274-5634
Puerto Rico Department of Health’s Division of Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health, Asthma Program
Having received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since 2003, the Asthma Program administers a project “Addressing Asthma from a Public Health Perspective”; the main purpose of the Project is to develop and implement a state plan for an Asthma Monitoring System throughout Puerto Rico through the collaboration of agencies and organizations that make up the Asthma Coalition of Puerto Rico. The State Plan is divided into seven areas: alliances, asthma surveillance system, promotion and education, public policy, environment, accessibility to health services and evaluation.
Himirce Vazquez, MD, Acting Director
P. O Box 70184
San Juan, PR 00936
(787) 274-5698

Puerto Rico Department of Health’s Division of Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health, Children with Special Health Care Needs Section
This section works to promote, develop and implement strategies that contribute to rehabilitation of the pediatric population (from birth to 21 years) with disabilities and their families with the following conditions: cerebral palsy, neuro-degenerative conditions, genetic conditions and/or metabolic disorders associated with neurological problems, muscular dystrophy, anomalies and/or musculoskeletal problems, skin problems and sub-cutaneous tissue causing physical limitation, hearing disorders, vision disorders including strabismus and legal blindness, and children with developmental disabilities from 0 to 3 years. Early Intervention Services aim to maximize the development of infants and children from birth to 36 months of age with developmental delays and their families, through a system of coordinated multidisciplinary island-wide services.
Hospital Pediátrico Universitario
Centro Médico de Río Piedras
P.O. Box 191079
San Juan, PR 00919
(787) 777-3535, ext. 7021 / 7254
Puerto Rico Department of Health’s Mental Retardation Program, Programs for People with Developmental Disabilities
Ana Garcia Huertas, Director
P.O. Box 70184
San Juan, PR 00936
(787) 721-3374
Puerto Rico Developmental Disabilities Council
Mr. Vincente Sanabria Acevedo, President
P.O. Box 9543
San Juan, PR 00908
(787) 722-0595

Puerto Rico Governor’s Office for Elderly Affairs
Services include a Senior Companion Program which provides respite support to families of people with Alzheimers; Family Caregiver Support Program, which provides support to caregivers of people with disabilities; State Health Insurance Assistance Program; Employment Promotion and Volunteer Services program, which provides training and information on employment opportunities to senior citizens; Share a Grandparent Project, which pairs senior citizens with children in schools and in the home and provides opportunities for interaction; PATH Transportation Service, which provides free transportation to senior citizens so they can access health, recreational, and social services; congregate and delivered home nutrition services; health promotion programs; recreation activities; and home support to the elderly with physical or mental disabilities.
P.O. Box 191179
San Juan, PR 00919
(787) 721-5710
Puerto Rico Mental Health and Anti-Addiction Services Administration
Services include prevention services, which is comprised of health promotion and education services, community preventive services in schools and community groups, and a counseling and referral line; services for children and adolescents, which is comprised of evaluation, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and residential services; adult services, including treatment services, substance and alcohol abuse services, methadone treatment, and residential treatment; and rehabilitation services, which is comprised of recreational and vocational services, counseling and psychiatric services.
Nydia Ortiz-Nolasco, Ph.D., Administrator
P.O. Box 607087
Bayamon, PR 00960
Express Mail Address:
Highway #2, Km. 8.2
Prior Mepsi Center Bo. Juan Domingo
Bayamon, PR 00958
(787) 764-3795
Puerto Rico Office of the Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilities
Programs include the Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, which provides occupational counseling, help with job interviews, information on reasonable accommodations, and opportunities to empower and enable people with disabilities; an Information and Referral Program; Customer Support Vocational Rehabilitation Program; Protection and Advocacy for the Rights of Persons with Developmental Disabilities;  Protection and Advocacy for the Rights of Persons with Mental Conditions;  Protection and Advocacy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;  Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security; and Protection and Advocacy Traumatic Brain Injury Program.
Maria Rosa, Coordinator
P.O. Box 41309
San Juan, PR 00940
(787) 725-2333, ext. 2049, 2050
Puerto Rico University Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities/IDD (UCEDD), University of Puerto Rico, Graduate School of Public Health, Medical Sciences Campus
The Puerto Rico UCEDD offers community training, educational activities, and continuing education in the area of developmental disabilities aimed at professionals, students, people with disabilities, families, and the community. Technical assistance strives to develop skills and expertise on issues related to developmental disabilities, change the service delivery systems and attitudes toward people with developmental disabilities or other disabilities, provide information on areas related to developmental disabilities, and improve the quality of services for people with developmental disabilities. The UCEDD develops educational materials in Spanish and distributes them in coordination with partner agencies and organizations; promotes the development and implementation of public policy to achieve systems change that responds to the needs and priorities of people with developmental disabilities; and provides interdisciplinary training for students to help develop leaders in the field of developmental disabilities, as well as community training  to improve knowledge and skills of professionals, paraprofessionals, people with developmental disabilities and other disabilities, their families and members of the community in the field of developmental disabilities.
Physical Address:
Room # B-465, Fourth Floor, Main Building
Medical Sciences Campus, Medical Center Area
Rio Piedras, PR
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 365067
San Juan, PR 00936
(787) 758-2525 (Ext. 1485, 2254), 754-4377
Toll-free (866) 754-4300
Puerto Rico Vocational Rehabilitation Administration
Provides vocational rehabilitation services, including   evaluation services, referrals to other services, physical and mental restoration, transportation services, deaf interpreter services, readers for the blind, personal assistance services, post employment services, work licenses and equipment necessary for employment, rehabilitation technology, and transition services.
P.O. Box 191118
San Juan, PR 00919
(787) 729-0160, ext. 2301
Puerto Rico Vocational Rehabilitation Administration’s Rehab Center for the Blind
Mr. Erlyn Pagan, Director
P.O. Box 8627
Santurce, PR 00910
(787) 724-2490