News Updated July 2020

Resources for People with Disabilities on COVID-19

COVID-19 & Adults with Disabilities: Health and Healthcare Access…click for survey summary report.

AAHD Videos on COVID here

Updated COVID 19 Disability Content and Other At-Risk Info from CDC…click here.

Up to date Information on COVID 19 for People with Disabilities:  and

AAHD – Disability & Health Journal, July 2020 issue available here

Tips for First Responders

AAHD 2020 Anniversary Membership Drive: click here
AAHD presents webinar to ACRM – SCI-ISIG Women’s Health Task Force on “Breast Health for Women with Disabilities” ….click here.
The NCBDDD, funded Disability and Research Dissemination Center has posted published funded research articles up through 2019…..more info.
AAHD Disability and Public Health Newsletter….click here for weekly update.
AAHD updates Medicaid Social Media Toolkit…. click here

AAHD Call to Action to Promote the All of Us Research Program to People with Disabilities… click here

AAHD’s Public Policy Center – learn more about AAHD’s policy work… here.