Week of September 18, 2018

Social Determinants of Health – White Paper

September 14 Population Health Alliance announced executive summary available free to non-members
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Primacy of Health Equity in Primary Care – Connecticut

September 5 Community Catalyst blog
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Continuity of Information Between Mental Health and Primary Care After a Mental Health Consultation

July 25 Psychiatric Services published study
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Patient & Family Engagement in Primary Care – Health Literacy Strategies

August 24 AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) announced resources
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Adult Obesity Prevalence Remains High: 7 States Have 35% or More Adult Population as Obese – AL, AR, IA, LA, MS, OK. WV

September 12 CDC announced reports and maps
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“Peers’ Seen Easing Mental Health Worker Shortage” – Georgia

September 11 PEW Charitable Trust blog
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Linking Health & Housing Policy – 5 States Efforts – IL, LA, NY, OR, TX

September 11 National Academy for State Health Policy paper
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Medicaid Home-and-Community-Based Services Programs CMS Report

CMS reports shared September 14 by NASUAD
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Comparing Managed Long-Term Services & Supports Quality Measures – CMS

August 23 CMS-NCQA-Mathematica initiative webinar slides
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Persons Dually Eligible for Medicare & Medicaid: CMS Demos Enrollment Update

September 12 Health Management Associates Focus review
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Persons Dually Eligible for Medicare & Medicaid: Experiences in California

September 12 SCAN Foundation announced University of CA Center for Community Living report
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Adapting to the Environment: How One Community-Based Organization (CBO) Maximized Opportunity – Upcoming September 28 Webinar

September 14 NASUAD CBO Business Acumen announced Sept 28 webinar
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Transportation Access & Mobility – Funding Opportunity

September 13 DOT Federal Transit Administration funding announcement
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Addressing the Opioids Crisis: Data Sources & Linking Strategies

September 14 HHS ASPE (Assistant Secretary for Planning & Evaluation) report
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SAMHSA – State Mental Health Block Grant Applications: Needs Assessments & Securing and Using the Right Data

NASMHPD webinars: Aug 7 on needs assessment and Aug 21 part 1 and Aug 27 part 2 on data
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Variation in the Use of Step Therapy Protocols Across U.S. Health Plans

September 14 Health Affairs blog
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Models for Making Evidence More Accessible & Usable

September 14 AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) announced study initiative
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