CMS Releases Medicaid HCBS Quality Measure Set – AAHD Highlights

Available here is the July 21 complete CMS SMD 22-003 on the HCBS quality measure release (40 pages). Also available are seven one page excerpts sharing AAHD highlights. AAHD has been working with a group of advocates to share ideas with CMS over the past 3 years. The seven one page excerpts include:

Excerpts on CMS overall approach:

  1. 2 guidance documents; today’s; 2nd planned guidance (page 4)
  2. Purpose of the guidance and reporting requirements (page 5)
  3. Assurances and sub-assurances (page 7)

Excerpts on major advocate topics of high interest:

  1. Use of HCBS CAHPS-NCI-POM (page 6)
  2. Health, Community Integration, Self-Determination, HCBS settings requirements (page 8)
  3. Use of existing beneficiary surveys; timelines; oversample to address disparities (page 10)
  4. Stratification of data to ID disparities and inequities (page 12)