Week of February 7, 2023

Medicaid Home-and-Community-Based Services (HCBS): Person-Centered Planning Process

January 31 ACL-funded, NCAPPS webinar resources on complying with CMS HCBS person-centered planning requirements.

Physicians Treating Persons with Disabilities

January 29 Annapolis Capital reprint of a New York Times article

Are Medicaid Patients Receiving High Quality Primary Care?

January 30 Commonwealth Fund blog

Long COVID – What We Know

February 2 NIHCM infographic

Promising Practices To Foster Meaningful Health System and Community Partnerships

February 1 Center for Health Care Strategies webinar slides

Accounting for Social Risks in Medicare and Medicaid Provider Payments

February 1 Commonwealth Fund blog

Equitable Health Management: Supporting Community Voices, Systems, and Partnerships

January 31 ATW Health Solutions for RWJ Fd webinar sharing reports

Change Management Through Data-Informed Decision-Making

January 30 NCMW webinar slides

Disaggregation of Public Health Data by Race and Ethnicity: A Legal Handbook

February 2 CDC PH Law Program shared Network for PH Law handbook

Limited Access: Poverty and Barriers To Accessible Health Care

January 20 National Health Council blog

House Hearing and Legislation To Prohibit QALYs – Quality Adjusted Life Years Calculations

February 1 House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee hearing details

NQF MAP Quality Measure Recommendations To CMS

February 1 National Quality Fourm (NQF) publicly announced recommendations

Quality Measurement in Crisis Services

January 17 NCMW report

9-8-8 Crisis Lifelines – Updated State Legislation

January 24 National Academy for State Health Policy updated map with details

Exploring Respite Care Innovations

February 1 ARCH National Respite Network announced three podcasts

The Role of State Policy in Fostering Health Info Exchange in the U.S.

February 2 CDC PH Law Program shared NEJM article

Electronic Health Records: Checklist for Behavioral Health Facilities

February 2 WellSky announced tip sheet

Coordinating and Integrating General Health and Substance Use Disorder Patient Records

January 31 Partnership To Amend 42 CFR Part 2 submissions to HHS

Consumers Losing Medicaid Coverage Due to Medicaid Public Health Emergency Unwinding – CMS FAQs

January 31 CMS shared FAQs

Health Quality Measure Conceptualization: From Ideas To Action

December 13 CMS MMS info sessions slides