Week of February 28, 2023

Medicaid Home-and-Community-Based Services (HCBS) Settings Regulations: Fitting the Pieces Together

February 21 CMS webinar slides

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Information Exchange Toolkit

February 21 HHS ONC toolkit

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Assessments: Digital Health Data Exchange

February 20 NQF-NCQA-Joint Commission-Sync for Social Needs joint statement

County Funding Opportunities To Support Community Members Experiencing a Behavioral Health Crisis

February 8 NACo and NACBHDD chart. Counties allocate $100 billion annually for community health and BH systems.

Financing the Integration of Behavioral Health-General Health-Primary Care

February 23 SAMHSA-HRSA funded NCMW integration center of excellence webinar and link to decision support tools

Creating Regional Networks To Promote Health and Well-Being: A Case Study on Evidence-Based Programs in New England

February 21 ACL funded Aging and Disability Business Institute paper

9-8-8 and Effective Crisis Services

February 23 SAMHSA HHRC webinar materials and slides

Emergency and Crisis Behavioral Health Services: Recent Resources

February 22 SAMHSA/NASMHPD/9-8-8- Crisis Talk recent briefings, webinars, and materials

The Workforce Crisis: How States Are Responding To Shortages in the Health Care Workforce

February 21 National Academy for State Health Policy paper

Building the Older Adult Mental Health and Substance Use Workforce

February 17 NASMHPD shared 2022 meeting presentation slides

Persons with Co-Occurring ID/DD and Mental Health Conditions – Center Seeks Nominations

February 22 ACL announcement – ACL funded center seeks steering committee nominations

Long-Term Care After the Pandemic: A Policy Guide for States

February 21 Commonwealth Fund blog

Addressing Rural Health Inequities in Medicare

February 10 CMS blog

CDC Announces Updated Chronic Disease Indicators

February 22 TFAH shared updated CDC indicators

Obesity Solutions: National Academy of Medicine Webinar Series Materials

February 22 TFAH shared NAM roundtable on obesity webinar series materials

CMS Quality Measures: The Universal Foundation

February 1 CMS in NEJM column and February 9 NCQA commentary

2022 CQL Personal Outcome Measures (POMs): Benchmarks, Lessons, Takeaways

January 24 CQL shared web posting

2023 CQL Personal Outcome Measures (POMs) Data Digest

February 9 CQL and MediSked shared POM data

Person-Centered Outcome Measures (NCQA)

February 9 Hartford Fd shared January 30 NCQA session recording