Week of August 8, 2023

Measuring Unmet LTSS (Long-Term Services and Supports) Needs and Service Use Among Adults Under Age 65 with Disabilities: Washington State

August 1 Long-Term Quality Alliance (LTQA) announced final report

Person-Centered Practices and Outcomes of Service Users: What Do NCI-ID/DD Data Tell Us

July 27 HSRI and NASDDDS shared NCI (National Core Indicators) data reports

The Role of Place in Person-and-Family-Oriented LTSS (Long-Term Services and Supports)

July 28 Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly article

“Technology First” Yet To Impact HCBS (Home-and-Community-Based Services)

August 3 Council on Quality and Leadership shared article

Mobile Crisis Teams – Supported by State Mental Health Agencies

July 27 NASMHPD shared April 18 NRI report on 48 responding states

9-8-8: What Worked in Year One; What Challenges Lie Ahead

July 26 Kaiser Family Foundation Health News article

Accessibility of Web Information and Services of State and Local Government Entities: DOJ Proposed Rules

August 4 Dept of Justice fact sheet on their proposed rules.

State Policies Bolster Investment in Community Health Workers

July 20 ASTHO blog

Long COVID Research and Practice: HHS Announces a New, Dedicated Office

July 31 HHS announcement

Long COVID – Chronic Illness – Economic Well-Being

July 25 Urban Institute discussion video

Long COVID: Identification and Management of Mental Health Symptoms and Conditions

July 14 SAMHSA shared advisory and webinar announcement

Long COVID: Identification and Management of Mental Health Symptoms and Conditions (2)

July 20 SAMHSA MHTTC webinar recording and slides

Using Technology To Improve the Efficacy and Equity of Integrated Behavioral Health

August 1 Commonwealth Fund blog

Requirements Related to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) – Proposed Federal Rules

August 3 Federal Register published proposed rules

Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) – Agencies Report to Congress

July 26 DOL-HHS-Dept Treasury second joint analysis report to Congress

CMS Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Action Plan

July 26 CMS announced CMS action plan

Primary Care: Good Intentions Aren’t Good Enough – Connecting Patients To Support Addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

July 25 Primary Care Collaborative webinar slides

Delivering Care at Home: Successes, Challenges, Best Practices

August 3 Manatt shared part 2 webinar recording and presentation materials

Primary Care Provided at Home Doesn’t Reduce Hospital Use – New Study

August 3 Mathematica announced new study

A Massive Step Forward in Measuring and Reporting Patient Experience of Inpatient Psychiatry

July 25 Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly opinion