Week of September 12, 2023

Disability, Equity, and Measurements of Livability

August 23 Disability and Health Journal scoping review

Medicaid Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS): Services Received and Spending

August 14 Kaiser Family Foundation paper

Medicaid Home-and-Community-Based Services (HCBS): Using an Equity Framework To Evaluate and Improve

August 16 Justice in Aging webinar slides

Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS): How To Advance Health Equity

August 11 Long-Term Quality Alliance blog

Assessing Equity To Drive Health Care Improvements (CMS)

August 28 CMS Innovation Center (CMMI) learnings summary

Developing a Community Care Hub: Resources

September 5 ACL funded, ADBI announced web resources

Considerations for Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) Deciding To Join a Network: Network Member Checklist

September 5 ACL funded, ADBI checklist

Supporting Complex Care Models Through Strong Provider-Payer Partnerships: Key Considerations

August 29 Center for Health Care Strategies blog

Community Preventive Services Task Force – Improving Health – 21 Health Topics

August 30 HHS-CDC CPSTF Community Guide overview flyer

State Innovations to Integrate Behavioral Health and General Health

August 31 SAMHSA-HRSA funded NCMW CoE/HIS webinar

State Mental Health Agency Workforce Shortages Across the Crisis Continuum

September 1 NASMHPD shared December NRI report

Medicaid and CHIP Core Quality Measures: Final CMS for 2024

August 31 CMS Federal Register final rules

Medicaid and CHIP Core Quality Measures: Recommendations for 2025

August 30 Mathematica for CMS final report

Nursing Home Minimum Staffing Standards: CMS Releases Proposed Rule

September 1 National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care statement and summary with link to Sept 1 CMS proposed rules

Medicare Advantage – Enrollment and Spending Overview

August 3 shared May 25 HHS ASPE report

Rural Behavioral Health Workforce: New Recap

August 28 HRSA funded, Rural Health Research and Policy Centers updated paper

SAMHSA Announces New Strategic Plan – Integration Discussed

August 16 SAMHSA announced plan; pages 42-48 address the integration of behavioral health and general health.

The Nonprofit Workforce Shortage Crisis

August 30 National Council of Nonprofits announced reports

The Vital Role of Nonprofit Services: State Legislator Considerations

September 5 Governing article

Managed Care Oversight: HHS OIG New Featured Web Page

August 29 HHS Office of the Inspector General announced new web page