Week of December 19, 2023

Medicaid Home-and-Community-Based Services (HCBS): Worker Registries – CMS Guidance

December 12 CMS HCBS Worker Registries guidance bulletin.

Medicaid Home-and-Community-Based Services (HCBS): CMS Proposed Critical Incident Management

December 4 NAMD-NASDDDS-ADvancing States joint submission to CMS.

Persons Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid: Navigating Complex Systems – Care and Policies

December 12 Alliance for Health Policy webinar materials.

Persons Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid: How Can Integrated Care Programs More Effectively Coordinate Care

December 14 Center for Health Care Strategies, Health Affairs blog.

Persons Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid: How PACE Programs Meet Needs in Rural Communities

December 7 Playbook Better Care for People with Complex Needs webinar materials; Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly and Disabled.

MACPAC Releases Annual Medicaid and CHIP Data Book

December 15 Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission released annual report.

Interpreting Quality Measures in AARP’s 2023 LTSS State Scorecard

December 13 Long-Term Quality Alliance webinar materials.

Addressing the Direct Care Workforce Shortage

November 16 Bipartisan Policy Center report.

Direct Care Worker Wages

December 7 HHS ASPE shared Sept 1 report.

Primary Care Population-Based Payment: Four Decision Points for State Medicaid Programs

December 13 Center for Health Care Strategies blog.

Improving Access To Home-Based Primary Care for Rural Populations

December 5 Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy webinar materials.

Primary Care Claims Data: Proposed Versatile Identification Approach

December 14 Milbank Memorial Fund report.

Supporting Mental Health: ASTHO on Addressing a New Public Health Crisis

December 10 ASTHO blog

9-8-8 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: Data and Technology

December 8 NASMHPD shared July annual conference meeting session recap.

Policies To Improve Access and Coverage of Mental Health Care

December 13 Inseparable report.

Aligning Health and Social Care: Improving Contracting Implementation and Collaboration

December 12 Partnership To Align Social Care webinar slides.

Improving Health Equity By Transforming Public Health Data Systems

December 13 Mathematica two podcast episodes.

The CMS Strategy To Promote Equity in Quality and Value

December 12 ACL supported ADBI shared October 20 CMS viewpoint in the JAMA Health Forum.

State All Payer Claims Databases: Challenges and Opportunities

December 7 HHS ASPE shared October 31 report.

Earnings of U.S. Physicians With and Without Disabilities

December 1 JAMA Health Forum research letter.