Week of April 23, 2024

Disability Data and Statistics: ICDR Toolkit

April 15 ICDR shared toolkit.

Association of Person-Centered Planning with Improved Community Living Outcomes

April 16 Brandeis Univ CLPC report.

Medicaid Home-and-Community-Based Services (HCBS): Outcome Measures

April 18 Disability and Health Journal article on a pilot study design.

Medicaid Home-and-Community-Based Services (HCBS): Variations in Availability of Assistive Tech Waivers Limit Access for Some

April 11 ACL funded Shirley Ryan Ability Lab blog.

The Long-Term Care Workforce: Addressing Shortages and Improving the Profession

April 16 Senate Select Committee on Aging hearing materials.

The Long-Term Care Workforce – Senate Legislation (S. 4120)

April 16 26 U.S. Senators introduced legislation, endorsed by AAHD and the Lakeshore Foundation.

Caregiving Data, Insights, and Resources To Inform Reporting

April 16 AARP shared info sheet.

State-by-State Long Term-Care Progress

April 17 NCOA shared MIT COLAB website resources.

No Wrong Door – Public Outreach

April 17 ACL No Wrong Door public outreach webinar slides.

Long COVID Proposed Moonshot – Senate HELP Committee Chair

April 9 Senator Sanders (VT) announced proposal.

Long COVID Proposed Moonshot – Senate HELP Committee Chair (2)

April 9 Senator Sanders (VT) letter to stakeholders outlining his legislative proposal ideas and RFI.

Justice Department Final Rule – State and Local Government Website Access for People with Disabilities (2)

April 16 Manatt summary. Last AAHD news issue included April 8 Department of Justice announcement.

Promoting Population Health – Expanding the Paradigm Including Behavioral Health

April 19 NASMHPD shared American Psychological Assn CEO July presentation slides to the NASMHPD annual meeting.

Planning and Infrastructure for Individual and Community Health (2)

April 17 shared April 16 HHS Healthy People March 19 ODPHP webinar slides. Last AAHD news shared summary and recording.

Multi-Sector Task-Sharing To Improve Mental Health in Harlem, NY

April 12 RWJ Systems for Action shared, February 14 webinar materials.

9-8-8 – SAMHSA Quality and Services Plan – Saving Lives in America

April 19 NASMHPD shared SAMHSA April plan.

Behavioral Health Parity: Pervasive Disparities in Access To In-Network Care Continues

April 17 MHLG shared RTI report.

Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs): Past Performance and Future Directions

April 11 CBO report.

Persons with High Health Care Expenditures – $ and Characteristics

April 16 AHRQ report.