Development and qualitative assessment of the GAME(Cycle) exercise system.

Increased physical activity is important for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, among people with disabilities, inactivity is prevalent. In order to encourage exercise among members of this group, an exercise system combining arm ergometry with video gaming, called the GAME(Cycle) was previously developed. User input was received through an arm crank ergometer on a swivel, with the angular velocity of the ergometer resistance wheel controlling one axis and rotation of ergometer about the swivel controlling the other. The purpose of this study was to detail the algorithms used in this device and present novel features included in a second generation of the GAME(Cycle). The features include a wheel on base, a steering return mechanism, and wireless fire buttons. A focus group of clinicians (n = 8), wheelchair users (n = 8), and clinician wheelchair users (n = 2) was conducted to evaluate the features of the GAME(Cycle). The focus group suggested improvements to the steering mechanism and to reduce vibration in the system. However, the focus group enjoyed the GAME(Cycle) and felt that it would encourage exercise among persons with disabilities.