Sexuality in persons with limb amputation: a meaningful discussion of re-integration.

PURPOSE: Rehabilitation professionals do not appear to be sufficiently prepared to deal with the sexual issues of people with a physical disability, although they have recognized the value of discussing them during the rehabilitation process. This commentary argues that the sexuality of people with a disability should be evaluated from the two viewpoints of sexual function and sexual concern. With regard to people with a limb amputation, their sexual life has not attracted researchers’ or clinicians’ interest because their sexual function is usually preserved, is the same as that of able-bodied persons, and there is a perception that assistance is not required. Indeed, the number of published studies on the sexuality of this population is apparently fewer than the number of studies on the sexuality of persons with central nervous system impairment.

CONCLUSION: Investigation of the body image of people with a limb amputation and recognition of their needs are considered to be necessary for further discussion of this theme. Discussion of sexuality with some realistic statistical figures should also have great value in assisting with the re-integration of people with a limb amputation.