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Working Family Caregivers – Proposed Federal Tax Credit (HR 3321)

AAHD has joined an AARP led coalition advocating legislation (HR 3321) that would create a federal income tax credit for workers providing family caregiving. Available here are: June 29 coalition letter to the House; Senators Ernst (IA) and Bennet (CO) June 16 Dear Senate Colleague letter; and June 29 Washington Post coalition advertisement.   […]

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Unified Vision for the Future of Mental Health, Addiction, and Well-Being in the US – 988 Emergency and Crisis Response

AAHD participated in a June 24 Unified Vision project dialogue on one the seven critical elements – Emergency and Crisis Response, 988.  The Vision has 14 core founding members and 44 partners, including AAHD and our sister partner Lakeshore Foundation. The June 24 meeting slides are here: PDF. The complete vision statement was posted on […]

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Medicaid HCBS (Home-and-Community-Based Services) in the Jobs-Infrastructure Legislative Proposals – Details

The staff of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, on June 23, shared: Senators Casey, Wyden and Schumer, along with Senators Murray, Duckworth, Brown and Hassan, and Representatives Dingell, Pallone, Schakowsky and Matsui will soon introduce the bicameral Better Care Better Jobs Act. The Better Care Better Jobs Act will make President Biden’s bold vision […]

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