Project Accessibility USA

The American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) and Susan G. Komen for the Cure launched Project Accessibility USA: Removing Barriers for Women with Disabilities in 2012.  This innovative community project was a “win/win” opportunity to support Susan G. Komen affiliates and grantees continue their efforts to be community leaders in providing quality services to women with disabilities and addressing their breast health needs.

Women with disabilities, a medically underserved population, are at an increased risk of breast cancer mortality and are significantly less likely than women without a disability to receive a clinical breast exam (CBE) and recommended mammogram screenings.  This disparity is often due to physical, environmental, cultural and attitudinal barriers.

Project Accessibility USA assisted Susan G. Komen Affiliate grantees help end this disparity.  The project supported Susan G. Komen Affiliate grantees as they provide accessible, high-quality breast health services to women with disabilities in their communities.

AAHD partnered with the University of New Mexico School of Medicine’s Center on Development and Disability to offer these services at no cost to Komen affiliates and grantees.

  • On-site facility visit and technical assistance to improve facility accessibility for selected screening grantees;
  • Innovative and engaging interactive educational on-line training and professional development modules to increase staff awareness regarding mammography accessibility for women with disabilities; and
  • Access to material on the new on-line Breast Health Accessibility Resource Portal currently being developed for use by all Komen grantees.

Visit the Project Accessibility USA website:, as well as the following:

“The Axes of Access – Improving Care for Patients with Disabilities”

Project Accessibility USA Webinar (12/13)

Disability and Cultural Awareness Compendium for Mammography Facilities (2013)

Project Accessibility USA: Mammography Facility Assessment

Project Accessibility USA: Quick Guide to Interacting with Women with Disabilities

Removing Barriers for Women with Disabilities: Improving Accessibility And Breast Health For Women With Disabilities

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Although Komen funding for this project ended in 2014, AAHD continues to maintain the project website and be a resource for breast health for women with disabilities.