NCOA-AAHD-UMT: Building Exclusive Programs for People With Disabilities

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Helping People with Disabilities Get the Health Coverage They Need

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The Affordable Care Act and Persons with Disabilities An Introduction and Overview Webinar

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Understanding the Health Coverage Needs of People with Disabilities

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Building Partnerships to Enroll People with Disabilities in the ACA Marketplace

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Health Insurance Jeopardy in Year 2 of Open Enrollment: Double Jeopardy

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Helping People with Disabilities Get the Healthcare Coverage They Need

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Friends of NCBDDD Webinar (12/2/15) “Right Care at the Right Time”

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Cancer Control Website

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AAHD – NDNRC – Easter Seals Inclusive Health Coalition

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Health Care Reform’s Impact on People with Disabilities: The Road Ahead.

AAHD hosted webinar with United Spinal Association (January 2013). Click here for more information.

Educating Women About the Program, Benefits and Rights Under the Affordable Care Act

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Project Accessibility: Removing Barriers for Women with Disabilities

Presentation at Gallaudet University, Washington, DC-”Inequity to Equity: Promoting Health and Wellness for Women with Disabilities”, Oct. 17th, 2011.

Health Promotion Resource Center

This PowerPoint is from the May 2010 Association of University Centers on Disabilities/CDC Grantee Meeting on AAHD’s Health Promotion Resource Center (HPRC) given by AAHD’s Executive Director Roberta Carlin. The presentation covers AAHD’s mission and history and defines the HPRC as the comprehensive on-line clearinghouse on disability and health. The HPRC’s history, purpose, funding, usage, components/inclusion criteria, and partners are discussed. Attendees of the meeting are encouraged to submit to AAHD new topics of interest, utilize the HPRC as a resource, add a link to the HPRC to their websites, and provide feedback to AAHD on how we can improve. Also mentioned are challenges of the HPRC including limited funding and a small staff.

Accessibility of Mammography Equipment

This PowerPoint is from the July 2010 U.S. Access Board’s Medical Diagnostic Equipment (MDE) Public Information Meeting presented by AAHD’s Janet Kreitman. The slides include information on AAHD’s two Susan G. Komen for the Cure grants that AAHD received in 2007 and 2009-10 and recommendations based on the women’s survey from the grants, conversations with staff at surveyed mammography sites, and other past studies. Issues to be considered when designing a mammography machine and mammography positioning chair recommendations are included. Both technologists and women with disabilities should be involved in the design stages of mammography equipment as well as new positioning chairs to offer suggestions which would increase accessibility, and follow up training of technologists is crucial.

The Living Well with a Disability Program: A Health Promotion and Wellness Program for Adults with Disabilities

This is the PowerPoint from the first February 2007 AAHD/CDC webinar on the “Living Well with a Disability” program given by Craig Ravesloot. This program defines and goes over the types of secondary conditions that are problems for persons with disabilities. One of the highlights of the program is the Participatory Action Research utilized as the design strategy. It includes the theories that are the basis of the program, goals of the program, participant goal setting, problem solving, beating depression, communication skills, physical activity, nutrition, advocacy, and maintenance skills for new healthy habits. The slides also include the target population, the structure and content of the intervention, implementation, and program evaluation. Initial findings of program implementation are included as well.

Oregon Health & Science University: Healthy Lifestyle for People with Disabilities

This is the PowerPoint from the second February 2007 AAHD/CDC webinar on “Healthy Lifestyles for Persons with Disabilities” presented by Willi-Horner Johnson and Angela Weaver from the Oregon Office on Disability and Health Center on Community Accessibility OIDD/ OHSU. This program is characterized by the two main components which are the workshop and the support groups. The workshop component covers the logistics of the workshop, nutrition for the participants, and exercise for the participants. The support group part of the program covers guest speakers, goal setting, the sharing of successes, motivation, and resources, the identification and overcoming barriers, and the building of community among participants. Also included in this Power Point is the program budget, the Healthy Lifestyles wheel and program evaluation.