Delaware: CDC State Funded Programs

Level 3 Funding from 2005-2007

Lead Agency

Delaware Health and Social Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities Services
820 Silver Lake Blvd, Suite 150
Dover, DE 19904
Thomas F. Kelly, M.D., M.P.H., Project Director
Phone: 302-739-5524 Fax: 302-739-5535
Alisha Raiford-Hall
Delaware Health and Social Services

Collaborating Agencies

  1. Delaware Division of Public Health
  2. University of Delaware Center for Disability Studies

Project Goal

The Delaware project will enable Delaware State agencies and independent organizations to develop a targeted, integrated public health wellness program for individuals with disabilities and their families, promoting health and prevention of secondary conditions.

Major Program Activities

  1. The strategic planning document, Healthy Delawareans with Disabilities: 2010, will be written to supplement Healthy Delawareans: 2010. This will eventually be integrated into the main document.
  2. An Advisory Panel will be formed, including disability-focused statewide groups and organizations and state agencies.
  3. The program will provide technical assistance to other state agencies and community groups relating to disability and health.
  4. The program will provide health promotion education after assessing extant activities and plausible partnerships. Both people with disabilities and health care professionals are target populations.

Evaluation and Research

Specific outcomes for conducting the Delaware Disability-focused modified BRFSS Survey, Advisory Panel strategic development, and implementation of community outreach and implementation efforts are being identified. Qualitative and quantitative methods will be employed.


Delaware will conduct the Delaware Disability-Focused, Modified BRFSS Survey. Staff will also analyze data from the State and Local Area Integrated Telephone Survey, Chronic Illness and Management report, and Healthier DE: The 2010 Physical Activity & Healthy Nutrition Plan to determine the extent of disability and secondary conditions in Delaware. This information will be used in producing Health Delawareans with Disabilities: 2010 planning document.

Materials and Publications


  1. 2003 DE BRFSS Healthy Delaware 2010
  2. Chronic Illness and Management
  3. Healthier DE: The 2010 Physical Activity and Health Nutrition Plan