Medicaid Awareness Month Twitter Chat – April 19th

Graphic for Medicaid Awareness Month Twitter Chat

Join us on Tuesday April 19th at 3:00pm ET for a Twitter chat to celebrate Medicaid Awareness Month, co-hosted with Young Invincibles. Check out the questions below to plan your responses in advance. We look forward to chatting with you!

Q1 – Let’s start with some Medicaid 101! What is Medicaid and who does it cover? #TodaysVoicesTues #MedicaidMatters

Q2 – How is Medicaid different from Medicare? #TodaysVoicesTues #MedicaidMatters

Q3 – We know that Medicaid differs state to state. What are some resources for determining your eligibility where you live? #TodaysVoicesTues #MedicaidMatters

Q4 – What are the benefits of having Medicaid or other health coverage? #TodaysVoicesTues #MedicaidMatters

Q5 – How does Medicaid support people to live full lives in their communities? #TodaysVoicesTues #MedicaidMatters

Q6 – Entering our third year of COVID, it’s clear that health coverage is an essential way to protect our health. How has Medicaid supported people through the pandemic? #TodaysVoicesTues #MedicaidMatters

Q7 – How does Medicaid support #HealthEquity? #TodaysVoicesTues #MedicaidMatters

Q8 – How can we ensure that everyone receives the health services and care they need? #TodaysVoicesTues #MedicaidMatters

Q9 – Many states have expanded their Medicaid programs. Why is Medicaid expansion so important? #TodaysVoicesTues #MedicaidMatters

Q10 – During the COVID Public Health Emergency, millions of people have gained access to Medicaid. What do people need to know to stay enrolled in Medicaid when the Public Health Emergency comes to an end? #TodaysVoicesTues #MedicaidMatters

Please remember to use #TodaysVoicesTues in every answer. Be sure to use A1, A2, A3, etc. to correspond to the question you are answering. For more information on participating in Twitter chats, see Young Invincibles’ Twitter Chat Guide.