Week of March 21, 2023

Unwinding Medicaid HCBS (Home-and-Community-Based Services) – Public Health Emergency (PHE) Flexibilities

March 15 CMS webinar slides; repeated new webinar from February 7.

States Prepare for the End of Medicaid Continuous Coverage Requirement

March 13 National Academy for State Health Policy brief

Do You Have Medicaid? It’s Time To Renew Your Coverage

March 10 AAHD NDNRC flyer

Will “Continuity of Care” Protections Maintain Access To Services After Transitioning from Medicaid?

February 6 Commonwealth Fund blog

Person-Centered Methods for Expanding Self-Determination in Provider-Directed Services

March 15 ACL funded, HSRI NCAPPS webinar slides

Persons Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid: Eligibility Pathways

Page 42 chart from MedPAC-MACPAC data book shared Feb 14, news #6

Persons Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid: Health Policy Overview

March 16 Alliance for Health Policy handbook chapter six on persons dually eligible

Medicare Advantage: A Deep Dive on In-Home, Caregiver, and Social Supports

March 13 ATI Advisory report

Distinguishing Health Equity and Health Care Equity: A Framework for Measurement

March 13 NQF shared, NEJM Catalyst commentary

Neighborhood Level Health Disparities

March 15 City Health Dashboard authored and shared Public Health Journal study of 905 cities

Medicaid Race and Ethnicity Data Collection and Reporting: MACPAC Recommendations to Congress

March 15 Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission to Congress chapter one recommendations

Big Cities Public Health Department Staff Facing Acute Stress

March 16 TFAH shared Big Cities Health Coalition shared survey

ASTHO Shares NACHW Vision for the Future of Community Health Workers

March 16 ASTHO shared August 10 NACHW blog

PCORI Workforce RFI and AAHD-Lakeshore Foundation Submission

March 15 AAHD and Lakeshore submission to PCORI workforce RFI

Rural Areas – Availability of Behavioral Health Providers and Services

March 16 HRSA FORHP shared RHIH resources

Rural Communities Opioid Response Program

March 16 HRSA FORHP shared HRSA posting

Integrating Bridge Clinics Into Emergency Departments To Facilitate Access To Opioid Use Disorder Care

December 15 Playbook Better Care for People with Complex Needs webinar materials

Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment System – Policy Overview

March 16 Alliance for Health Policy handbook chapter 7 on MH and SUD

87% of U.S. Physicians Are Using Telemedicine

March 9 HHS ONC blog on their new data brief