Addressing Social Needs in Health Care Facilities – for CMS as a Quality Measure Set

AAHD and the Lakeshore Foundation; and, Mental Health America-AAHD-Lakeshore led sixteen national organizations have submitted comments to the Yale Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) as a CMS contractor on addressing social needs in health care facilities, as a quality measure set. The MHA-AAHD-Lakeshore letter focuses on a missing element authored by the Physicians Foundation and acknowledged by CMS in its 2022 Hospital PPS final rules – Interpersonal Safety. Available here are: (1) AAHD-Lakeshore June 30 submission; (2) MHA-AAHD-Lakeshore-16 organizations July 2 submission; (3) August 10, 2022 CMS Hospital PPS final rule definition of interpersonal safety; and (4) Yale CORE for CMS measure specifications for public comment.