Week of July 11, 2023

Medicaid Home-and-Community-Based Services (HCBS): Facilitators and Barriers To Person-Centered Planning From the Perspectives of Recipients and Care Managers

June 26 Disability and Health Journal announced article

Assessing and Improving Patients’ Experiences During Phone-Based Social Needs Screening and Referral Implementation

June 22 RWJ Fd funded SIREN webinar slides

Persons Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid – Improving Integration: Senate Discussion Draft

June 30 AAHD-Lakeshore Foundation submission in response to Senator Bill Cassidy (LA) legislation discussion draft; follow-up to January six Senators Senate Committee on Finance RFI.

Person-Centered Community Mental Health Services That Do No Harm

July 6 ACL funded, NCAPPS webinar slides and resource list.

Mobile Crisis Teams: State Mental Health Authority Support

June 30 NACBHD shared NASMHPD NRI April 48 states profiles.

Mapping the Crisis System of Care: Alternatives To Emergency Departments

June 27 NCMW and NASMHPD webinar slides

Building Bi-Directional Referral and Community Pathways Across the Community-Clinic Divide

June 27 ACL funded DABI shared Healthcare Journal article focused on Los Angeles.

Can the California AIM Solve the Systems Integration Challenge? Identifying Key Facilitators of Cross Sectoral Care Coordination

June 26 RWJ Systems for Action webinar slides and materials

The Ecosystem of Health Equity Measures

June 21 National Academy of Medicine workshop materials

What Needs To Change To Achieve Better Health Equity Metrics – ASTHO

June 26 ASTHO chief medical officer blog

Disability Inclusion and Local Health Departments: Terms, Best Practices, Health Promotion

June 23 NACCHO shared June 1 updated website information

Long-COVID: Evaluating and Supporting Patients in Returning To Work

June 15 CDC COCA webinar materials

Rural Critical Access Hospitals and Behavioral Health

June 29 HRSA FORHP shared June 22 GAO report

Fighting for Safe Access in a Masks-Optional Health Care Environment

July 1 DREDF shared June 27 webinar video recording

Medicaid Managed Care – State Directed Payments by State

July 3 CMS announced updated state directed payments dedicated web site

Increasing Medicaid Providers To Deliver Substance Use Treatment and Recovery

May 25 CMS shared HHS demonstration evaluation report to Congress

Opportunities for State Payers To Improve and Align Incentives for Treatment of Substance Use

June 6 Health Management Associates webinar materials

America’s Overdose Crisis: House Examines the SUPPORT Act

June 21 House Energy and Commerce Committee, Health Subcommittee hearing materials and video recording. Enacted in 2018, SUPPORT Act is up for legislative reauthorization.

The Next Generation of Payment Reform for Population Health

June 28 Milbank Memorial Fund article

Medicaid: CMS Proposed Access and Managed Care Rules – Submissions

June 30 AAHD-Lakeshore Foundation joining with CCD (2 sets of comments), DAC, Bazelon Center, and NHMH comments; scroll down the page.