Week of October 3, 2023

NIH/NIMHD Designates People with Disabilities as a Health Disparity Population

September 26 NIH/NIMHD announcement with pre-and-post disability community advocacy.

Long-Term Services and Supports: AARP 2023 LTSS State Scorecard Report

September 28 Commonwealth Fund, Hartford Foundation, and Scan Foundation shared AARP report.

The Role of State and Territorial Health Agencies in Supporting and Hiring Community Health Workers (CHWs)

September 28 ASTHO shared Public Health Management and Practice article.

Policy Levers To Support Community Health Worker Programs for Populations with Complex Needs

August 17 Playbook Better Care for People with Complex Needs blog.

Integrating Peer Support Services Into Substance Use-Related Crisis Care

September 28 NASADAD and NCMW issue brief.

Effective Programs and Strategies To Confront DSP (Direct Support Professionals) Workforce Issues

September 26 Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) report.

Healthy People State and Territories Coordinators

September 28 TFAH shared new HHS ODPHP new web page on Healthy People in the States and Territories.

Persons with Co-Occurring ID/DD and Behavioral Health: Leveraging Person-Centered Approaches

September 27 CMS MMCO RIC webinar materials and slides.

Health Disparities and Persons with Co-Occurring Conditions (Disability-Behavioral Health-Chronic Health)

September 25 AAHD and Lakeshore Foundation submission to the House Ways and Means Committee RFI.

Rural Substance Use Disorder Stigma and Treatment Needs

September 28 HRSA FORHP shared University of VT Center on Rural Addiction report.

Navigating the Medicare Coverage Maze: Challenges and Policy Solutions

September 22 Commonwealth Fund and AARP webinar materials and slides.

Primary Care Delivery and Research – AHRQ Webinars

AHRQ National Center for Excellence in Primary Care Research 3 webinars: May 24 on Using Long Data Sets; August 3 on Qualitative Research Methods; and Sept 14 on Use of Technology.

Shortchanged: How Medicare’s Physician Fee Schedule Undervalues Primary Care and Shortchanges Patients and Female Physicians

September 28 Primary Care Collaborative webinar materials and slides.

CMS Health Equity Conference Report

September 26 CMS shared report.

Strategies for Developing Culturally Driven Public Health Communications

September 26 TFAH shared, Sept 21 Public Health Communications Collaborative webinar featuring their tool.

State Mental Health Agency Workforce Diversity

September 28 NASMHPD NRI announced Dec 2022 report.

Medicaid Transportation Coverage Guide – CMS

September 28 CMS announced new guide

SSI (Supplemental Security Income): Navigating and Expanding the Appeals Process

September 26 Change Lab Solutions fact sheets.