Week of January 9, 2024

Medicaid Home-and-Community-Based Services (HCBS): Disparities and Equity

December 7 CMS shared analysis of Section 1915 © waiver program participants.

Top 10 State Public Health Policy Issues in 2024: ASTHO

December 11 ASTHO shared article.

ASTHO 2024 Legislative Agenda

December 21 ASTHO announced agenda.

AAHD 2024 Public Policy Agenda

January 4 AAHD updated web page.

Quality Measures and Persons with Disabilities

January 2 AAHD updated web page.

Medicaid and CHIP Core Quality Measures: Increasing Program Transparency

December 13 Mathematica commentary.

Drivers of Health: Here’s How CMS Can Implement Consistent Measures

December 15 Commonwealth Fund blog.

Health-Related Social Needs in Medicaid: New Federal Guidance

December 18 Manatt Health review.

Health-Related Social Needs in Medicaid: Tech-Enabled Solutions as a Tool

January 4 Center for Health Care Strategies brief on opportunities and policy considerations.

Health-Related Social Needs in Alternative Payment Models: Guidance for Health Care Entities and Community-Based Organizations Partnerships

December 15 CMS LAN (Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network) guide.

AHRQ Annual 2023 National HealthCare Quality and Disparities Report

December 20 AHRQ announced annual report.

Care Coordination Management Improves Outcomes

January 2 Camden Coalition National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs authored and announced Dec 20 Health Affairs article on coordinating primary care, specialty care, and durable medical equipment.

Developing Strategic Objectives To Expand Self-Direction: A Guide

December 27 ACL funded, HSRI NCAPPS guide.

HHS Primary Care Initiative Falls Short

December 29 Washington Post article.

Community Health Workers: The Six Pillars

December 19 NACHW reminder of their web page initiative.

The Public Health Workforce: Federal Support Funding By Jurisdiction

January 3 TFAH shared, Dec 11 Kaiser Family Foundation research publication.

Rural Health Care Coordination Programs Directory

December 21 HRSA FORHP shared directory.

Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) – Minnesota – New Directions

December 30 Long Term Care Discussion Group presentation materials.

Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support

December 13 AHRQ initiative shared web resources including infographic.